Thursday, June 8, 2006

Town of Oia

Today we had a rental car all day and were able to drive around almost the entire island. It was so much fun, we went to the Black Sand Beach (Perissa) and believe it or not the Red Sand Beach. The black sand beach was awesome. The sand was so hot you could not walk on it without shoes, and the sand was a bunch of tiny little rounded rocks. I got in the water and it was way cold. Hailey and I have noticed the water in the Mediteranean in much colder than we are used to. We hung out at the black sand beach for a while and then drove over to the red beach. We didn’t actually lay out at the red beach, but it was beautiful.
The main part of the day we spent our time in Oia. This is the little cliff town where they filmed the movie “sisterhood of the traveling pants.” We were amazed how different this town was than the town of Fira that is much closer to our hotel. Oia is a bit smaller and less touristy. We ate a really good lunch on the roof of one of the highest points in the town and just overlooked the sea and all the cliff side towns along the way. Oh I almost forgot, the entire drive to Oia was along a thin road along straight down cliffs with no road barriers! Needless to say I drove extra slow and careful. At one point the road and the island become so thin you are practically driving on a road and on both sides you see the sea right next to you.
We finished off the night by eating dinner at a sea-side restraunt called Katina in Oia and we were so excited to have fresh fish. The sea captains were bringing in fish right in front of us and grilling all sorts of sea food over coals right in the restraunt. We ordered grilled prawns and a fish called sea brea. Well, we knew something was wrong when they brought Hailey’s shrimp and it smelled really strong of wet dog! Next came my fish and the eyes were still in it. My fish was not all that bad after peeling off the skin and bones and eating around the eyes. We just chalked this up as a fun experience and headed back to Fira for some crepes and some shopping.
Back in Fira we went back to Fresh Line, the new handmade and natural cosmetics place that Hailey has fallen in love with and then found a place in the middle of an isle that made us some really good crepes. The crepe place was fun because some drunk dude called us to come up to his restraunt and we could get anything we wanted. We quickly found out he meant he could make us any drink we could think up, but when he found out we didn’t drink he thought we were crazy. It was funny because he promised he would make us the best crepes ever, but this place did not look like a crepery. Hailey and I just sat there and laughed because this guy was taking for ever to come up with crepes. He walked to every table drinking and laughing with everyone but just kind of ignored us. We almost walked out twice but then he came through and they were the tastiest crepes we have had and we have no idea where he got them, but he did. We can’t wait til we see what tomorrow (our last full day in Santorini) has in store

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