Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ady's first day on the lake

We had a bunch of fun this past week. It sure has been nice to be back into the normal swing of things since getting back from Greece. Eric is never completely in his comfort zone unless he is working and Hailey loves being back to the house where her and Ady can do so many fun things. Ady’s new fun thing to do is take walks everywhere and anytime she can. We thought it would be great when she started walking and sure it is, but man we cannot keep her in one spot. She just walks and walks and walks. Speaking of walking this past Saturday, Hailey’s mom and dad and her two brothers Spencer and Austin finished a huge walk. Grandpa and Grandma Smoot were called to serve as “Pa and Ma” for a Mormon Pioneer commemoration trek. They were in charge of their own family of ten and walked about 40 miles in the middle of the desert for 4 days. They are required to pull handcarts and there is no cooling of water and minimal food. The point is to help you get a better understanding and respect for the pioneers that settled the Utah Valley.
Adyson went on her first boat ride (GALLERY) this week and got to go with Christa and Breanna Smoot (her aunts). Hailey and I watched Christa and Breanna for a night while their parents were on the trek. We had a fun time as always and all of us went out on the lake for an evening ride. This was the first time getting the boat in the water since storing it for the winter and we felt a bit embarressed as we sat in the marina of the lake with a dead battery. Luckily we found some guys that helped us jump the battery and we were off. We went out with some good friends of ours from our ward named the Lindahls. Adyson absolutely loves water. She loves the hot tub, the pool, the bath, the streams, the shower believe it or not and now she loves the lake. We loved seeing her in the life vest and just smiling and jumping up and down. She hasn’t learned that she can’t throw stuff out of the boat though. I think she lost at least 2 toys into the lake.
Hailey and I have always been good at keeping her covered in sun block whenver we go outside. As a matter of fact just 2 weekends ago I had her at a pool for about 2 hrs one saturday and she didn’t even get a hint of red. Well on saturday when we went to meet Hailey’s parents at the end of the treck we didn’t expect to be waiting for them for so long and Adyson was outside with no sunblock. Don’t worry she is fine, but as you will see from the pics in the gallery, she got really pink and it was actually pretty cute, though we thought for sure she would not be sleeping and it would be way painful. Luckily for us, as always Ady proved to be a “super child” and she wasn’t even phased today at church. Hailey and I did have to explain that we are not negligent parents however.
This coming saturday we are celebrating her 1st birthday since Jim and Sue Kandell are going to be in town and so is Aunt Lisa (Eric’s Sister) with her son, cousin Easton. We cannot wait.

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