Friday, September 9, 2011


{Katz Deli, NYC Sept. 2011}

I'm trying not to become disenchanted with blogging because I so love reading the blogs of my friends ad family members who keep up on theirs.
But the simple fact is life is busy and seems to keep betting busier.
So until Lucy is napping or that cowbell I ordered for her comes in so I know where she is every moment (that is child is an escape artist) Im not sure when to catch up.
but I intend to.
I've got lots to cover and hope to really soon....
more to come on...
Max playing soccer with his church friends
a quick trip to LA for the Taylor Swift Concert
Eric and My 7 year anniversary..
Our Foodie Trip to NYC to celebrate the anniversary
Ady and Max's big week in Ohio
Darling Lucy sayings
My dying my hair dark to please my husband.
(no I wont really blog about that)
And our farewell to Summer Mexican Fiesta bash
Which is actually taking place tonight so I really have a lot to do.

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