Saturday, April 15, 2006

Hailey and Ady go to California with Smoots

Hailey and Adyson had a wonderful time last week in Palo Alto, California. Eric was not able to go unfortunately due to work but promises to make the next Smoot trip for sure! The girls (Hailey and Ady) had a blast doing all sorts of fun stuff with the Smoots. They went into San Francisco one day, went to the beach, went to the salt water aquarium (like a zoo of fish), ate at every tasty restaraunt you can name and just simply had lots of fun. They were gone from Saturday the 8th to Thursday the 13th. Go see some of the awesome times they had in the gallery. To tell you the truth I didn’t think I would have that hard of a time without my girls but I missed them a ton as I realized how long they would be gone as I was walking to church ALONE Sunday morning. Needless to say they are back now and I cannot get enought of them. Today is Saturday the 15th and Hailey just put Ady down for a morning nap. Later today we are goint to go get lunch and run some errands. While we are out we are going to take Ady to play at Cabelas. This is a a large sportsman and hunting store that is located in Utah and there are lots of live fish swimming around and supposedly KIDS love it. We will go see if so. Hailey is really excited to be making a Herb Box for our back patio this spring/summer so we are also going to go get some supplies to do that today. Talk to you all later.

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