Monday, March 30, 2009

The Pirate Party

Tonight was Maxwell's much anticipated (by our little family) Pirate Party to celebrate our little dude's 2nd birthday (officially on the 31st) It was too fun. Max was loving everything pirate and was happy so many of our friends and cousins showed up to party.

{I am so in love with this little man}
{and this little girly girl}

{The "buried treasure" favors we sent home with everyone}

{even the utensils wrapped in napkins wanted to be dressed up for the pirate theme}
{no party hats at a pirate party, has to be pirate hats with eye patches}

Adyson was loving all the gold coins mom sprinkled everywhere, she was collecting them all night in her hat.

We all had to many yummy sweets....

...especially Maxwell

Max was concentrating so hard on blowing out his candle, he was going cross eyed.

And just like last night up at my mom and dad's, Max bit right into the cake as soon as we were done singing to him.

Eric and I sported some sweet hats for the night too.
We cannot believe Max is 2 years old now. Where does the time go??? I have 2 kids now, not babies. Ahhh... number 3, where are you??

We had some of the cutest little pirates at the party. All of them so fun and cute and happy to be playing.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

And the Celebration Begins....

Tonight we went up to my mom and dad's for a little Sunday dinner and birthday celebration for my sister Breanna (turning 11 years old) and for my Max who on Tuesday will be 2 years old. My mom always likes to have a dinner honoring each birthday in our family with a dinner menu selected by the birthday guest. Breanna and Max collaborated and it was a pasta bar complete with ever kind of pasta, spaghetti, macaroni, shells etc. My kids loved it!
Then there was cake time, I had Dippidee make Max an airplane cake which he loved, even the airplanes were edible.

{as soona s he blew out his candles he started licking it cake}

My parents got Max a cute little pretend puppy that he can pull on a sting that pants and barks and they got his a BIKE!! He was so excited, he just laughed and laughed. he has wanted a bike since Ady got one last year. Now he is ready to roll.

Breanna was such a great sport to share her day with Max since today was officially "her " day. She is the best little aunt to our kids , they just love her.

{Breanna's cake}

And tomorrow night is Max's 2nd birthday party we are throwing him at our house, it is going to be a Pirate party. Max is so excited, he wont quit asking about it. 

Friday, March 27, 2009


This blog is going private ASAP, last call for emails.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just this month

We have had at our house...
- a sinus infection (Hailey)
- double ear infection (Max)
- acute tonsillitis (Max)
 - full blown tonsillitis (Ady)
 - pink eye (Ady... thanks Challenger School)
 - pink eye (Hailey... thanks Ady)
 - left ear infection (Ady)
- croupy cough (Ady)
 - throwing up (Ady.. thanks to the croupy cough)
 - bronchial inflamation (Ady)
 - workaholicism (Eric, and since he spends most his time at work his also has had perfect health...punk.)

To help with those sicknesses we hav
 - been to the kids pediatrician 2 times
- after hours urgent care 4 times
 - family doctor once
 - had Ady on breathing treatments
 - both kids on antibiotics - Ady twice
 - daily sinus rinses (Max screams bloody murder)
 - tylenol and Ibprofen around the clock
 -eye drops for me and Ady
 - ear drops for macky

If spring could get here soon that would be just great. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend in Park City

{Hailey, Ady and Max on Main Street Park City}

I have started to realize today as I was downloading the pictures from our weekend in Park City, my weekend blogs have been more about what we eat on our Body for Life free day than anything else. Oh well only 2 weeks more and I will stop reporting what we eat every Saturday. :) This weekend we had a very nice relaxing time up in Park City. Eric's aunt and uncle have a beautiful condo up in Jeremy Ranch they were kind enough to let us stay at this weekend. We had a great time with the kids.

Saturday morning we went into Downtown Park City to eat breakfast at the local favorite The Eating Establishment. It was wonderful and since we had a relatively late breakfast it wasn't crowded since most of the skiers were already on the mountain.

{my breakfast vs. Erics, or sweet vs. salty}

The kids were so good out to breakfast, Max was being such a cheese ball for the camera, I have about a dozen of him just from breakfast. Cutest Face.

We walked the shops on Main Street and later had lunch at a new sushi bar on Main Street called Yuki Arashi. We liked it, maybe not as much as Flying Sumo or Blind Dog (both in Park City as well) but it was good.

{Ady and Eric walking on Main}

Ady and max love sushi as much as Eric and I do. Check out Ady improving her chop sticks skills.

Later on Saturday our babysitter Emily (from home) drove up to Park City to babysit while Eric and I went out on a little date. We first did a little Spring shopping for Eric at the outlets.He was so nice to model everything I picked out for him.  Then we went to dinner at Chimayo on Main, it was excellent, and it was a really good thing we had thought to get reservations because Main Street was packed with tourists and locals. The weather was so good EVERYONE in Park City must have decided it was a good night to go out. My camera died during dinner so the only picture I got (a real shame cuz everything there was beautiful) was of our appetizer, a soup sampler of their famous housemade soups. Delish!