Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Days

We have been so excited for this weekend to finally come, the pool is done, the boat is out of storage and we are ready to have some serious summer fun. This morning we went out on Utah Lake with us and our kids, Nate and Erin Wathen and their baby boy Beckham and Aaron and Ashley Waller and their girls Brea and Ava. It was so fun!

Ady absolutely loved every minute of the wind blowing in her hair, watching daddy and the other daddies surf and wakeboard. Max was so good too ( I was surprised HOW good) he never slept but just relaxed in my arms the whole morning.

Here is the cute Wallers, Aaron Ash and cute!

Eric was feeling like an old man today since he was doing a backflip (hardly an old mans trick) on his wakeboard and thought he tore something in his knee.  Turns out he will be just fine. Only his ego had actual damage.

I loved watching how much fun the kids all had together being on the lake for a few hours.
Ady even tried to be big like Brea and lay out in the front of the boat.

Then after we got off the lake we came home to our house, for lunch and a little dip in the recently completed Kandell pool. Our landscaping wont be completed for another week so there was no grass to lay on but the kids had fun getting in the water.

Thanks Wallers and Wathens for a perfect summer Saturday, lets do it every week!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bridal Shower at the Grand America

A bridal shower, and my high school girlfriends. Two of my favorite things. My friend Kristin is the last of our high school group of girlfriends to get married. She is marrying a guy we went to High School with Dustin Nielsen on August 2nd. So today Lisa and Katie hosted a shower luncheon at the Grand America's Garden Cafe in Salt Lake.

Here is the Bride to be Kristin Defa. 

The Garden Cafe's food was super yummy. Eric and I have eaten there before but it has been a long time. It was a perfect spot for the girls luncheon. And my salad was so good, I have told Eric about it twice already tonight. It was an Ahi tuna, lump crab and avocado tower salad. For those of you foodies out there.

It was fun to see all the girls, we were missing Lindsey (who lives in Chicago) and Chelsey (still in Florida). But it was great to get together. We used to do it a lot more often before we all started having kids.

Thanks Katie and Lisa for planning the shower, and Kristin..... good luck! We are so happy for you and Dustin!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Since this past Wednesday night, I have been in Florida with 2 of my gal pals. My friend, Chelsey (nyborg) Bell and I have been best buddies since we were little. And every summer her husband takes her away for the whole summer so he can manage a Apex Security sales team. The first year they were in Cincinatti and Colorado. Then last year they were in Pittsburgh (although last year I did get to see them since they came to Kent to visit us at Eric's parents house) an this year they were in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. SO, I have missed her and on top of being alone, she is prego, with her first little girl (due in October) so I decided this summer I would go and see her. So Kristin Defa (another Highschool friend of mine) and I went out this past Wednesday night and had a ourselves a little girls trip. All 3 of us checked into a super resort and spa right on the beach. The Westin Diplomat in Fort Lauderdale, we think we must have got a room upgrade cuz we had a beautiful full view of the ocean and beach. SO pretty!

We spent time at the pool, and just laying around

We made a couple of trips to the wonderful spa, we did an early morning (well, is 9am early on vacation?) Body Sculpt class at the fitness center, we got dessert from rooms service, went to a movie, ordered one in, bragged about the men in our lives and did all the girly relaxing AND CHATTING we could.

We even had pretty good weather, it rained one of the days while we were out at the pool, as you can see below. We were just sitting on our lounge chairs and a few drops came, then a huge down pour. Everyone ran out of the rain. I have never seen a crowded pool deck cleared in 1 minute until then.

But, I was so much fun to just hang out and talk and be together. Kristin is getting married in 6 weeks so she had plenty to tell us about and Chelsey is prego and deciding on girl names and colors and all that fun stuff. So, I was so glad we were able to do this. Thanks Chels and Kristin! Let's for sure be doin it again next year!

And of course here is a picture of my kids who I missed so much. They are wearing the Fort 
Lauderdale shirts I bought them while I was away, and sporting the "I Love Fort Lauderdale"  monkeys I got them as well.
Yay, Mama is back home!!!
 Oh man, did I miss those sweet faces, and my adorable husband who managed to hold down the fort while I was away. Thanks baby, I owe ya :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Moms Away and the kids will play! (WITH DADDY)

So Hailey has been in Florida since Wed night and I have had the kids all to myself.  I cannot take 100% full credit as I do have to work during the day so from 8-6 each day they are with our sitter.  HOWEVER, I am in full control of the household when I get home and frankly it has been really fun and I feel I have done a good job by myself!  Now let me get this out of the way first.  DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER.  I do NOT think I am nearly as capable as Hailey nor do I for a second have any desire to do this MR MOM thing on a regular basis, BUT!  Yes there is a BUT, I have really enjoyed the time with the kids and I still have all night tonight to go.  We have been to lots of parks, we have read stories, have watched movies, cleaned, eaten and all those fun things, but MAINLY I have liked being the one they NEED these past few days.  It is always really easy for me to take the easy road and after a long day at work if I come home and the kids are needy I can count on Hailey to assist.  Well I have not had that option and have actually liked being the one to have to handle it all!

My kids are so good.  Max has slept no problem every night and Ady has been a little spoiled and has slept on the floor in my room and even in bed with me last night!   I guess Hailey can break that habit really fast when she gets back.

Well Hailey is a super mom and really deserved this GIRLS TRIP she is on.  I hope she rested up and is ready for these wonderful kids when she returns.  I have loved it!


Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Tribute to Fatherhood

My Eric, the best father I could ever hope for my kids to have. 

The day Adyson was born Eric told me, "Can you believe that you can even love someone this much?"  I do not remember everything that happened that day and the things everyone said to me that day but I do remember Eric saying that to me as vividly as if it happened ten minutes ago. Eric was a proud and loving dad from the moment we found out we were expecting Adyson, I think we texted or called everyone we knew that night. And when we brought her home from the hospital and people would come to visit he would tear her out of my hands and run carrying her to the front door. He was so genuinely happy to be a dad.

The morning after Max was born Eric was laying in the couch (pictured above) with Maxwell sleeping on his chest. And he said "Don't you just want like 10 of these?" I love that so much about Eric, he really loves our kids and being a dad so much. Even though they overwhelm us both sometimes. He still loves it enough to want to have a big family. I think that is one of the reasons I fell in love with Eric, we didnt agree on everything but we did both want a big family and soon too! I love that we both feel how blessed we are to be given our wonderful children. I know Eric thinks they are they greatest thing that has ever happened to him. And they are. 

Eric is such a loving, fun, animated, adventurous dad. My kids and other people kids love to play and be around him. He is a thoughtful and sweet dad and always has our families best interest at heart. We are so grateful for him for being such a hard worker and provider for us too. He has this amazingly positive outlook on life, and he always makes the people around him happy ....just by being so happy himself.

He is always willing to help out if I need it or to step in if I am having a bad day. I cannot say enough about how grateful I am for my children to have a father who honors his role as a dad.

Eric knows being a dad is not always fun....

or easy........

or as glamourous as it may sound.....

But I know he loves being a dad and loves having kids who love him so much.
Eric, we are grateful for everything you do for us and for the wonderful dad you are.. We know how lucky we are to have you and we love you so much!
Happy Fathers Day!!!!

And a Fathers Day Tribute would not be complete without mention of our dads as well...

My dad, Shane Smoot, What can I say about my dad? If you know him you know all the wonderful things about him. He is honest, hard working, spiritual and truly one of the best men I think I know. I have always been proud to tell people who my father is. He is a wonderful husband to my mom and takes his role as father as the most important job he has been given. My ada has taught me so much and to never settle. He taught me to set and reach my goals and to always be grateful for everything. I respect him more than he knows and love him so much for all his has done for me!! He is the best dad a girl could have. And I hope he knows how proud I am to be his. Happy Fathers Day Dad!!

And last but certainly not least... my father in law. Jim Kandell, who I am so grateful for and admire so much. I feel like I have so much to be grateful to Jim for. He raised my husband to be the wonderful man that he is today. Jim taught Eric so much and lead by his great example. And I am so happy that Eric IS the kind of man Jim is. Jim taught Eric to work hard and to be a loving father. The most important traits I would want for the father of my children. Jim has always been so open and welcoming to me from the first night I met him and Sue. And I love them both so much! Happy Fathers Day Jim!! Thanks for all you do!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Some Ady Pics

My friend Ashlee has started her own photography business. She has been building her portfolio so she took so photos of Ady last weekend. And I love them!! She totally captured Ady's little sweet personality. Thanks Ashlee! Here are a few ... more later!!

If you LOVE Ashlee's photography (how couldn't you?) and want her contact info just leave me a comment or email me for it. I cannot wait for her to do some of Max too. I just am dying over Ady's photos!