Tuesday, November 28, 2006

We can't believe it is almost Christmas!

We have to say sorry for not having written anything in quite a long time. It seems like time is flying by and we are always sooooo busy. We have done a ton of things as a family since our last entry and are excited to update you all.

We took Ady to Disney on Ice at the Delta Center in Salt Lake last month and we went with Aaron Waller and his Fiance Ashley and her daughter Brea. It was awesome to see how excited Adyson was the entire time. We would have thought she would have lost some interest over time, BUT she didn’t. Everything was lit up bright and lots of music and dancing Disney characters and she just laughed and smiled and made sure Mommy and Daddy were well aware of the fun she was having.

We spent Thanksgiving in St George, Utah with Eric’s Family. Jim, Sue, Lisa, Steve and Easton were all at the house in St. George and we spent 5 days there. To go and see some of our Thanksgiving pictures click here. Adyson absolutely loved playing with Easton. It was so interesting to see how they interacted together. There were times that Ady would just scream and cry anytime Easton would come near her. However, there were other times when if the two of them were apart more than five minutes you would think that their worlds were falling apart. We cannot wait for Ady to have a brother at home so she can play with him all the time.
Speaking of a baby at home, Ethan has been really active lately and we can even see him kicking now. It is one thing to feel little kicks here and there, but when you can see them it is really cool. Hailey seems to be feeling much much better than she used to so we think the morning sickness is almost over!

Okay back to St George and Thanksgiving….. We DEEP FRIED A TURKEY THIS YEAR! Trust me it was so good. We deep fried the thing in peanut oil and the whole turkey cooked in less than a half hour and it was so juicy. You really need to try this sometime if you have not already. A highlight was watching BYU beat UTAH of course. We were all scared because we could not get the game on tv since COMCAST is not in St George. We even called Chilis and some other places and NO ONE had it. We finally found it playing at a smoke-filled ghetto BAR up the road and we watched it there. That was one INTENSE GAME.

Well we had a great time just relaxing and being with Family. We are now looking forward to Christmas. We will be spending Christmas with The Smoots up in Wyoming at their cabin and cannot wait.

Love The Kandells

Monday, November 6, 2006

Ethan it is then!

Well we liked all the boy name feedback we recieved. And we really wanted to have a name picked out sooner than later because we like being able to call my belly by name. So, we decided we would both pick out favorite 2 names and take turns referring to the baby as those names and it turned out both of our favorites were Ethan! So, we started talking to him as “Ethan” and we didnt even get to the other names on the list. It just seemed like that was “the name”. So I guess we did end up going with our original first choice. I still reserve the right to change my mind but we already put it in his Baby Journal so I doubt it will change.