Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Time is Flying

We can’t believe that November has passed us by already! It has been a very busy time for us. Thanksgiving was awesome this year. We celebrated Thanksgiving SMOOT style, which means tons of people and lots of good food. We had the Thanksgiving meal at the church’s “this is the place park.” Hailey’s grandparents Stan and Mary Ellen Smoot purchased the land and built and amazing historical building on this piece of property and gave it to the church. Well, this is where we had a huge feast and lots of good times. As we always do, we remind you to look at the pictures in our gallery, you will definetlely love the picture of Adyson dressed as a turkey.

After spending the afternoon at the “this is the place park,” we drove up to Wyoming to spend a couple days at the Smoot cabin. We love going there and can’t wait until Adyson can truly enjoy all the wonderful things up there. There are miles and miles of snowmobiling and four wheeling trails, trees and lakes galore, and we even saw two huge mooses the last time that we went up there. This Thanksgiving weekend we got the snow mobiles out and it was a great time.

You will also notice in our gallery that Adyson in now eating real food. Well I am not sure how real it is, but you do buy it at the store. It appears that Hailey has the mother’s touch when it comes to feeding her, because when I try, the food somehow ends up all over the place (Adyson that is.)

We are looking forward to Christmas this year and are going to be flying to Ohio to visit with Eric’s parents, grandpa and grandma Kandell. The Kandell grandparents are very excited because both Adyson and her cousin Easton Lovell will be staying for a whole week! Eric will be turning the BIG 30 in December can you believe it?